Hi, we 12 Dells on an office network, all working fine except that one Optiplex 3310 with 8mb RAM running Windows 7 professional doesn't connect to the Internet on startup. Each time we start up the computer it can see the network, storage drives etc but cannot connect to the internet. If I disable then enable the network adapter it is fine.

Determines whether users can enable/disable LAN connections. If you enable this setting, the Enable and Disable options for LAN connections are available to users (including nonadministrators). Users can enable/disable a LAN connection by double-clicking the icon representing the connection, by right-clicking it, or by using the File menu. Disabled internet connection, can't enable it | MajorGeeks Mar 14, 2006 Wireless is disabled when Ethernet is connected - Dell

Press Windows Key + R to open run command. Type into it [code]ncpa.cpl [/code]and hit Enter. A window containing all the connections will open up. Right click on your disabled connection. Shortly, a dialog box will appear that'll say 'Enabling'. I

My internet is disabled somehow, and i cannot get it Jan 16, 2010

Broadband Ethernet connection disabled. - Verizon Fios

How to enable or disable internet connection sharing But how i can enable or disable internet connection sharing (ICS) for the selected network adapter using C# or VB.net see the picture for more details Disabled and enabled multiple button on user click. How to get peekatdesktop is enabled/disabled in C#. disabled network connection | Vista Forums Sep 28, 2009