Unfortunately not. The cloud backup is encrypted with your screen lock that was on the phone at the time the backup was created. Since the bigger dot-pattern grid is a custom feature provided by LineageOS and is not a feature most OEMs or stock Android provide, that backup can't be restored on the phone now.

One of the most popular and strong encryption solutions among those that are available is VeraCrypt which is an open-source encryption solution that runs on most systems. However, as VeraCrypt is an open-source solution to encrypt all your sensitive files, a question might come in your mind, how to mount VeraCrypt volumes on your Android device. TOP 4 Best Free Android File Encryption Apps [2019 Updated] SSE – File/Text Encryption & Password Vault (with in-app purchases) S.S.E (Secret Space … Android 11 brings numerous security and privacy improvements Jun 11, 2020 How to encrypt an Android device in 5 steps | Network World

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How to disable encryption in Android Lollipop | Android Feb 27, 2015 Fixing "Type Password to Decrypt Storage" Error in Android Mar 06, 2015

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Encrypt your Android smartphone for paranoid-level Fully charge, or plug in your phone: I cannot emphasize this enough. You must either have a full … How to encrypt an Android 5.0 Lollipop device - CNET But therein lies the problem: device encryption in Lollipop is only enabled by default on a brand new device. Meaning when updating an existing device, say, a Nexus 5 to Android 5.0, you'll have a File-based encryption (FBE) and full-disk encryption (FDE