Q : What is the maximum file size Turbo Station supports for access? A : Currently Mac users can store a 2GB file on Turbo Station at maximum, and Windows users can access files of larger than 2GB on Turbo Station. Q : Is it necessary to defragment the internal hard drive of the QNAP Product? A : No.

How To: Setup Containers on QNAP Sep 17, 2017 exFAT File System | Speed up large media file transfer | QNAP QNAP has teamed up with Microsoft and Paragon Software Group to provide an official exFAT driver customized for QNAP NAS. Whether transferring a single large file or multiple large files, QNAP NAS delivers unbeatable performance compared with similar NAS that support open-source drivers * . myQNAPcloud

QNAP Turbo NAS provides an efficient and flexible network attached storage solution with iSCSI services, cross-platform data sharing, and rich business applications. With VMware® Ready™ and Citrix® Ready™ verifications, and proven compatibility with Microsoft® Hyper-V™ environment, the Turbo NAS is an ideal shared storage solution in

QNAP FTP Client: File Station. File Station is the file management tool that standard comes with you QNAP and can be accessed through the standard web interface. It can be found on the main page of the QNAP web interface, look for this icon: QNAP File Station Icon. App Center::QNAP | Download Station

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