Mar 06, 2020

The command sudo is related, and executes a command as another user but observes a set of constraints about which users can execute which commands as which other users (generally in a configuration file named /etc/sudoers, best editable by the command visudo).Unlike su, sudo authenticates users against their own password rather than that of the target user (to allow the … Using the Sudo Command - Lifewire Feb 14, 2020 Linux sudo command help and examples - Computer Hope May 04, 2019 What Is The Difference Between Sudo And Su In Linux? Nov 15, 2016

su & sudo su Sometimes one user must assume the identity of another user. For example, you might sit down at a friend’s terminal and want to access one of your protected files. Rather than forcing you to log your friend out and log yourself in, UNIX gives you a way to change your user ID temporarily, the su …

Linux command line basics: sudo | Enable Sysadmin Feb 11, 2020 sudo - Debian Wiki

May 04, 2019 · sudo will check the ownership of its timestamp directory (/var/run/sudo by default) and ignore the directory's contents if it is not owned by root and only writable by root. On systems that allow non-root users to give away files via chown , if the timestamp directory is located in a directory writable by anyone (e.g.: /tmp ), it is possible

mac osx - su not working on mac os x? - Server Fault On newer sudo releases, sudo -i is the same as sudo su -. – koenigdmj Jul 21 '09 at 19:08 sudo su is only alowed if your account has admin privileges .. comming from the windows world => I don't work that way :-) – lexu Aug 4 '09 at 5:12 Difference Between su and sudo and How to Configure sudo