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“Creating strong and unique passwords for each online account is nearly impossible, which is why people create weak passwords that are easy to remember or re-use passwords for multiple online accounts. Cybercriminals take advantage of this behavior to try to infiltrate accounts by brute force, attempting to use personal information to guess IT Security 101: Prevent Weak Passwords - Infosec Resources Jan 10, 2014 Password Strength Test & Strong Password Generator Tool Weak passwords can allow intruders into your account. They can hijack email and social media accounts and use them as spam bots. They can steal private information, possibly leading to identity theft. Passwords that aren’t long and complex are vulnerable to “brute force” attacks, which guess every possible combination of characters until AD Security - Weak Passwords - Eli Shlomo The ideal password is over 15 characters long, with a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. But many users are allowed to use weak passwords based on the weak password policy. Weak passwords are an open invitation for hackers to exploit user accounts and gain access to the corporate network.

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How to allow weak passwords | WordPress.org When one of my members wants to change their password on the /your-profile/ page they are shown a password strength indicator, and if their password is weak they can tick a checkbox to “Confirm Use of Weak Password”. Likewise, an administrator can set a user password at /wp-admin/profile.php and “Confirm Use of Weak Password”. How Do I Create a Strong and Unique Password? | Webroot The word "Password" is the most commonly used password. It’s also pathetically weak - as are ’default’ and ’blank’. These are simple words that can be easily guessed by a user. However, humans aren’t your only concern. Programs that use automated databases can perform a dictionary assault on your system, identifying the password easily.

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Ransomware attacks: Weak passwords are now your biggest Sep 12, 2019 List of the most common passwords - Wikipedia